Engaging with the public is a great concern of mine, as I value linguistic research as having the potential to influence many people in their daily lives. I started publishing articles in conference proceedings, paving the way for peerreviwed journal publications. From early on, I was presenting subsamples of my PHD-study to a larger audience for getting as much feedback as possible.


Feindt, K. (2020): Lexical transfer and realisations of /ɹ/ by bi- and monolingual learners. In: Elissa Pustka (ed.): Akten der Konferenz „Phonetik und Phonologie im deutschsprachigen Raum (P&P14), S. 50-53.

Lorenz, E., Bonnie, R. J., Feindt, K., Rahbari, S., & Siemund, P. (2019): Cross-linguistic influence in unbalanced bilingual heritage speakers on subsequent language acquisition: Evidence from pronominal object placement in ditransitive clauses. International Journal of Bilingualism23(6), 1410-1430.

Rahbari, S., Bonnie Jr, R., Feindt, K., Lorenz, E., & Siemund, P.  (2019): Wortstellungsanalyse im Rahmen der linguistischen Vertiefungsstudie des Projekts Mehrsprachigkeitsentwicklung im Zeitverlauf (MEZ) MEZ Arbeitspapiere. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.36631.52640

Feindt, K. (2018): Phonological Cognitive Interlanguage Contact–Bilinguals‘Acquisition of English Affricates. In: Malte Belz, Christine Mooshammer, Susanne Fuchs et. al. (eds.): Proceedings of the Conference on Phonetics & Phonology in German-speaking countries (P&P 13), S. 53-57.

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Rahbari, S., Gabriel, C., Krause, M., Siemund, P., Bonnie Jr, R., Feindt, K., Topal, S. (2018): Die linguistische Vertiefungsstudie des Projekts Mehrsprachigkeitsentwicklung im Zeitverlauf (MEZ). Universität Hamburg. Available at:


Feindt, K. (forthc): Bilinguals Abilities in Foreign Language Acquisition. Proceedings from the 2019 BISET Congress. S. 139-162.

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